domingo, 14 de julio de 2013

Longer run :13k

This morning slept in and did not have the motivation to run to be honest, as in the past 3 days,but I was going to do it anyway, I am focused in my training and missing a day would mess with my head. At 9:30 a.m. with the sun shining hard and the humidity hight, I decided to go the conservatory for this one and do 10 laps there and when I get home I would run 3 more mins to complete the 13k that I wanted to do today. I took the splits each lap to entertain a bit and to see how slow or fast I was running. the laps (kms) were 6:09,6:04,6:00,6:00,5:59,6:00,6:00,6:02,6:02,5:58, did 12.5k in 75:29, then did 3 more mins to finish up the run in 78:32 and complete the 13k. I felt pretty confortable till the 50 mins, then I started to get thirsty, I was feeling great cardiovasculary but the lack of water kills me. I just reminded myself today that it was time on feet instead of pace. The pace was easy and was holding back a lot, I did a hard workout yesterday so did not want to over do it, but to do my long run nonetheless. This was a good week of training outside of the missed day on Tuesday because of the hard rain. Have a great Sunday!

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