domingo, 11 de enero de 2015

Evening run

Today I ran in the evening because I tracking a friend  running the dopey challenge in Disney, that consisted in 5k,10k, half marathon and a marathon in 4 days in a row. That guy is amazing, He not only completed the challenge, but the times were blazing fast. That guy is an inspiration to me.

At 6:15 p.m. I headed out to the conservatory and got there in 7:27, and did 5 laps there in 6:18,6:12,6:08,6:05,5:58, then back home and did the 7.5k in 45:27. Its time to ramp up the mileage a little. I felt a bit off when I started but after the 3rd lap loosened up a bit, I am still tight in the outer part of the calf, especially on the uphills.

Glad that I got back to the 5 times per week of running this week, I ll run more this week since I am on vacation, probably ll run 6 times this week.

Have a great Sunday!

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