miércoles, 11 de marzo de 2015

Evening hour run

I left work earlier than planned and I was on my way to my run at 6:37 p.m. I got out to do the usual 45 mins, but I remembered when I had around 38 mins, I was feeling much better than when I started so I decided to add an extra lap to make it close to 50 mins, after the extra lap I decided to finish up the hour.I dont remember the last time I did 60 mins or longer, I felt real good, I did 9 laps to the conservatory with a great atmosphere with pretty women and good music, a lot of people exercising. My father was there also, its rare to see my father at that time, I think I had not seen my father running this late in the afternoon. He was pleased with the good menu there:)

Laps were 5:54,5:53,5:51,5:48,5:44,5:41,5:39,5:36,5:31. The last 3 laps were the fastest and I started the run faster than normal, that was because Jose and Gian joined me on this one and they left me in the dust, but they only did 1 lap and I did 9. Felt really good and strong, felt like a runner again!!

Have a great night everyone!

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