martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Evening watchless zero zapper

Yesterday I took the day off.

Today headed out at 5:40 p.m. or so to the conservatory and did 6 laps watchless, 5 of these laps were with Jose, He is improving a lot, He can keep my pace without problem. I have to admit that We competed a little bit today especially when after the 3rd lap a guy passed us quicky and I increased my effort so that We did not lose contact, after a couple of laps We caught him, and He was very kind, We chatted a bit , His name is Roalbert, very entusiastic person. When We formed the pack the pace increased even more, and in the last 300s( of our run), Jose and Roalbert built a gap on me , I was huffing and puffing a little bit, but then take the final big downhill and put a big surge and passed both of them like if they were walking, after finishing the downhill, took advantage of the last 100s and did my final sprint. I won I guess. Total was 7.5k or so, dont know the time of splits because I was running watchless, but the effort was steady state in the last couple of laps and very hard in the last quarter. Not the smartest thing to do, but I am feeling more confortable running at those paces and since I am only accelerating at the end of my run, that does not leave me tired at all for the next day. I am feeling in very good shape, but need to run a bit more. The weather was good today.

Have a great Tuesday!

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