sábado, 28 de marzo de 2015

Great Easy evening run

I went out today running at 6:05 p.m. or so, Headed out without a watch to the conservatory and just ran easy, from the get go felt strong and very good, and that feeling continued throughout the run, good news, since in the last couple of days I started feeling like sh#$t, did 7 laps to the conservatory, was going to do 6, but after feeling that good and a guy in my tail about to pass me, I just decided to do one more lap. I ran watchless, but yelled at Jose so that He could took my time for the last 3 laps, were in 5:44,5:58,4:59 for a total of 16:43(just knew that at the end). In the last before the last one,I just ran easier so that the guy could catch me and just We could just race in the last lap, He never did and with around 400s to go, I just threw in a big surge (hence the fast split) and built a gap of more than 100s. Felt really good today, but as soon as I sped up I felt terrible, I cant manage those fast paces yet, I need more efforts like that. Running easy I just felt real good. Its great to run by effort. I did around 8.5k total. The weather was really good!!

Have a great Saturday!

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