viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

Morning slog with father

Yesterday I took the day "off", I said "off" because when I went to the conservatory to relax, I did 3 laps (3 kms) with a spanish friend, but the pace was much quicker than I would have liked, When I finished the 3rd lap, He was going to do one more lap at an even faster pace, I called it a day, because that was my rest day, not  a day where I could race informally.

This morning at 8:45 a.m. I told my father to run, He was not into it but accepted anyway, We did 5 laps clockwise, I always do laps there counterclockwise, but my father likes to do them clockwise, so I agreed with him today. Got there in 7:33, I was ahead of my father , but soon after, He caught me, laps were 6:28,6:25,6:27,6:06,6:00. In the last couple of laps I was running alone, because my father fell back and I decided to run at my normal pace. I have to admit that I was more tired than I would have liked. Anyway finished the 7.5k in 46:41, my father was around 40 seconds back.  Slower than planned, but much better than a no run.

In regards to Sunday´s race I dont know if I ll race it. You know, with the news of this week, I dont feel too motivated, but if they are registering  this afternoon in the park, I might register. Read somewhere that the Conservatory park (parque iberoamerica) was going to be one of the registering points for the race.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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