miércoles, 25 de marzo de 2015

Watchless Evening Steady state run

I went out running at 6:03 p.m. today without a watch, I went out at a good clip and got to the conservatory at a good clip as well, then I did 6 laps, the pace was not very fast in my opinion, but the effort was medium to hard at times, I just followed an old guy that often pass me and leave in the dust, today I kept with him for one lap,but I think He was waiting for me or warming up, because as soon as another guy came in the picture they both sped up and left me in the dust, I dont know about pace but the legs were heavy and the breathing was fast, I just wanted to finish, I did around 7.3-7.5k, and finished tired( not hands in the knees) but the legs were like trucks. I am very dissapointed with my actual shape and the excess of weight, I run very good at an easy effort, but whenever I try to speed up I become undone. I ll have to practice those fast effort runs more often, if I want to challenge that all guy for more laps with him. I am a bit ashamed, but all in all I am happy that I ran and get my running in. I just ran free.

Have a great night everyone! Maybe I ll rest tomorrow, but maybe not We will see!

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