lunes, 27 de julio de 2015

Back to it

I did not run in the weekend. Saturday I did not plan my run well, so the logistics did not workout. On Sunday the same damn thing as past Sunday happened, I almost get robbed by 4 bastards, getting home I saw 4 young guys that looked like shit and I knew that they were robbers, passed me looking in the same direction as I was heading home, they could not do anything to me in that moment, because I was near two cops, but I said to myself if those 4 bastards turn around I ll run as fast as I can to the cops, at that time I was a little far. When I saw in the far distance that those guys were coming back ,I turned around and ran as fast as I could to the super market where the police men were. A guy that was walking in front of me, as soon as I turned around and started sprinting, He followed me, I was just running hard, they robbed another guy that was in front of my home, but I am sure that they see me running hard and they knew that I knew that they were thiefs. I told the guy running behind me that those guys stole the wallet to my brother past Sunday and we just ran to the police and told them what was happening.

I just entered the super market and bought my dinner in case that I would not go out any more. When I get off the supermarket I saw the two cops , but nothing was changed so  assumming that if they were going to be back, they would not be back right away, I jogged home and my brother was waiting for me in my house´s door,telling me to hurry up since He heared everything during the robbery to the random guy, I told him that I was there and I would have been the victim if I would not have started running very hard. Thanks god I am fine and the robbed guy also was fine, they only stole their cell phone I think. I dont know what the fucking is happening, but this is becoming an habit on Sundays.

I wanted to run in the afternoon, but after that event I decided to not risk anything and to live to run another day, so did not run, maybe Sundays will be my rest days from now on.

Today I went out to the conservatory at 6:30 p.m. feeling very sluggish, got to the conservatory in 7:43, then did 5 laps in 6:01,5:38,5:43,5:44,5:20.
After the first lap a young lady and a yound guy passed me and my competitive juice took care of business and sped up as  well, the effort was much higher than I would have liked and I felt very sluggish and heavy. The more I put the effort, the more the young guy built a gap on me. Oh well, A least it was a good steady state run.

Around 6.5k in 37:30 or so. After that We did pull ups and I did just 1.5, I am very weak at the moment. I need to be in 10+ by December.

Have a great night everyone!!

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