sábado, 4 de julio de 2015

Steady state or tempo run?

Did not run Thursday and Friday, but I was up early today to run. I went out to the conservatory with my father, but gapped him after around 600m, got to the conservatory in 7:44, then ran 1 lap in 6:18, after that I increased effort and pace, next 2 laps were in 5:33 and 5:25, nothing to be proud of, but the effort was there and I was huffing and puffing, so the 25 min 5k that I did in May I think was spot on given my current level of fitness. After that, I waited around 30 seconds for my father and then back home, the last 1.2k , I did it at a faster pace. 5.5k in 32:17.

The reason is I am running faster and doing " fast" intervals is because I want to burn more calories, given that I am running short due to the shin, I want to get the most out of it by running quality miles. I think that is working because post run I am sweating like a pig.

The shin is much better, it did not bother me too much, what bothered today was the ankle, but I think that is because I sat in a wrong position watching TV yesterday. For the shin, I am ready to start ramping up training again.

I ll keep doing stress workouts since that improved the shin a lot due to the variety and change in stride. That will help also to improve my fitness. I am pathetically slow and I want to improve my PR{s eventually. Rnning easy  and short all the time I wont accomplish that.

Have a great Satuday! Happy Independence day to the USA!

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