miércoles, 1 de julio de 2015

Mini short intervals

Yesterday I did not run, decided to rest because the shin was bothering me, so I played it safe. Today I felt pretty good in the evening and went out for a run, and I I planned to do some fast short itervals today. I am not running a lot so I need to take advantage of each run and burn as much as calories as possible especially today that my lunch was not the healthiest.

Besides that I was feeling a bit down so I needed to release all that tension running fast. I went out to the conservatory with a very good breeze in 7:47, yeah when the weather is cloudy I tend to run slow eventhough the effort suggest the opposite. Did 3 laps there, 1 lap easy and then when my watch marked the 15 mins I started my planned workout, 5 x 1 min with 1 min easy, completed the 3 laps and went back home for a total of 5.5k in 33:12. The cooldown pace was pathetic.

During the repeats I felt good but was huffing and puffing very hard, and people only stared at me because the high noise of my breathing. That means that I am working I think! I felt really good, the pace was not the fastest because I felt very heavy, but the effort was there and that is the most important thing. I suspect that I  burn a lot of calories given the effort and the after run sweat.

All in all happy to have run fast, the shin did not bother at all during the intervals, I must be crazy,but I think that running fast helps with the overuse type of injury.

Have a great humpday!!

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