lunes, 6 de julio de 2015

Jogging around

This run was actually yesterday evening but I did not have the chance to post it.

I went out to the conservatory with the right ankle bothering me a lot, the shin was not bothering me too much, but the ankle was. I got there in 7:41, honestly I thought that I was going a lot slower given how I felt, then did 3 laps in 6:17,6:21,6:12 and back home, for a total of 5.5k in 34:12.

Overall felt like crap, legs were heavy, breathing was fast, ankle bothering me, I really had to tough it out with this run, almost calls it a day after 20 mins.

I just kept the effort very easy to recover from Saturday´s faster miles, but eventhough I was going easy, I felt really tired.

No more complaints!!

Have a great start of the week!

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