sábado, 15 de agosto de 2015

Blah run

Today I headed out at 6:15 p.m. to the conservatory in 7:28, faster tha I should, then did 4 laps in 6:21,6:14,6:04,6:03. During the first lap I told myself that I was going to call it a day in the 20 min mark. I started to feel really tired and experienced a strong side stitch. Luckily, after the 2nd lap I talked myself into a 3rd lap, and then decided to do the 4th lap. I think that runs like these is what build you up, when you are about to quit, but you keep going and going and never give up.

I did around 5.3k in 32;27, so 30 seconds faster than yesterday. But did not feel any better to be honest. Anyway, its done! and I am happy to have gotten my run in!! I need to be ready by December, since I want to run sub 23 mins in a 5k.

Have a great Saturday!

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