lunes, 31 de agosto de 2015

Zapping the zero

No running from Thursday till today. I was going to take Friday off, but that dragged me until today, Saturday I just felt sluggish, and on Sunday I just was afraid due to the robbery problems. I felt guilty the whole weekend and was paranoic because I thought that I had lost fitness. That was not the case, but I surely did not gain any fitness either. So 4 runs last week, the goal is 6 times per week of running.

Today I headed out to the park at 6:15 p.m. without a watch and just ran easy for 5 laps. In the last lap I incorporated 4 x 20 seconds or so, I did not have a watch, but I played it by ear and I think that I ran the strides harder than I should since I had a Bethoven musical with my breathing. Very loud and out of control. Doing strides I can realize how out of shape I am, but We are here to learn and improve and I ll include those on a regular basis.

While the breathing was out of control, my legs felt very smooth and fast and did not feel heavy today eventhough I have been eating like a pig in the last few days. We will see what tomorrow brings!!

6.5k without a watch!! Have a great night everyone!!

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