martes, 18 de agosto de 2015

The beauty of running

Today I headed out to the conservatory at 6:10 p.m. and got there in 7:03, then did 4 laps in 6:13,6:06,5:47,5:34, then completed the 33 mins.  Felt pretty good and in the first lap I passed a woman that looked pretty athletic, and then after the 2nd lap I heared steps and it was the same woman that I had passed early. She passed me agresively, but I sped up to match his surge and We continued that way for around 700m, then I built a gap and in the 3rd lap I looked behind and She was around 30m back,so I decided to pick the pace up even more, but never saw her again during the run.

When I came back to the park after buying my water bottle, I saw her walking and She looked at me and We both smiled, no words were sayed, but We both know that We had a good conversation during the run, changing leads and trying to catch up with one another. So I think that running is talking beyond words. That is what keep coming back to running, you cant have those conversations in the weight room or in other sports, that is what I like about my sport.

A lot of men out there tell to lift weights if you want to be a complete man, and to be alpha and all that stuff, its good to be strong in the upper body, but I think that running is more compelling than lifting weights and keep my confidence higher, when you have a good run you feel the owner of the world, when I am in the weight room, I dont feel that sense of accomplishment I get from running, so my advice to men out there is to find a compelling hobby that you keep coming back to it time after time. Running is that hobby for me, and running has been there for me for the past 13 years.

I am not an elite by any means, and I am not fast, I could be faster, but the beauty of running is that you dont have to run fast to enjoy it, just be out there smelling nature, feeling the lactic acid, feeling your heart pumping and the endorphins rolling are enough for me to come back day after day!!

Running is my passion!!

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