lunes, 16 de abril de 2018

Tempo run

I went out to do my tempo run at 12:10 p.m. or so, after applying for a couple of Jobs.  I had 3 dasy running easy so it was time to do something harder today. I warmed up 2 mins, then started running at a confortably hard pace and did the bread and butter route in 29:48. Splits were 15:19 and 14:29. I felt better in the first half, felt hard but well under control. In the second half I started to struggle, especially after the 20 min mark, but I told to myself, " Hey you have been running easy for several days , its time to run hard", so I put the hammer down and kept running hard. After I climbed the big hill, I was very tired and had to slow down for a a minute or so, before I could get back at it again.

In the final stretch I looked at the watch and it said 29:13, so I sped up a bit, not a sprint, but hard,to get under 30 mins, ran 29:48. The pace felt under control but I could feel my quads dealing with lactic acid, which is the purpose of the workout I think.

All in all happy with the effort and the result, 7 seconds faster tan last tempo. Did 2 mins for cool down to wrap up the day in 35 mins.

The weather was a bit hotter tan last time. Good workout nonetheless!

Have  a great start to the week!

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