lunes, 11 de febrero de 2019

Late morning easy run + 6 strides

Today I ran alone at 11:45 a.m., in the Blasco Park. The plan for today was 8 laps easy including 6 x 20 seconds strides, but as last week when I got to 8 laps, just decided to do 9 laps because I was feeling good.

Felt fresh today so went a little faster than my normal easy pace, kept the effort easy though, looked at the watch in the first half and it read 5:38, then decided no to look at the watch till the end of 8 laps. kept an easy effort and in the 6th lap I did 2 laps of 20 seconds strides, I did not count the time, but I estimated time/distance for strides, just focused on good form, then checked the watch at the end of 8th lap and I had 43:07 feeling pretty good, so I decided to add another easy lap, which came in 5:23 for 48:30 total time.

Weather was around 14 Celsius, and for the first time in several months I did not wear my windbreaker, just wore a short sleeve t shirt and my shorts (as always). Glad I did that because I felt hot in the first couple of laps, then the weather was pretty nice.

Around 8.1k total, pretty good easy run + strides. Tomorrow intervals!

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