domingo, 6 de mayo de 2012

Finally feeling strong

Yesterday took the day off!! it seems that whem I am worried for an exam or explanation in the classes, I only think on that and skip the running! 1 subject to go though! Anyway this past week I improved my running a lot, in the last 2 months I had done virtually nothing longer than 20 kms per week, the past week was 41. This morning went to the conservatory to do 6 laps, I went out a llittle late, at 11:08 a.m. too hot there, but things clicked today in my body, I was feeling very strong! I only felt the heat in the last 15 mins, but was feeling very strong so no problem. Sped up a bit in the last 5 mins. Ran with the watch on time of day, but the final time for the 8.5k was 48:46, honestly I thought that I was going faster than that, but I am only building up mileage so the more important thing is to get to 40 miles weekly and beyong!! Happy Sunday all!

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