domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

Nice longer run :13k

This morning after going to bed at 1 p.m. I was out at 6:50 a.m. by my own, my twin brother and my father were gone already! so I had to do my planned 13k on my own! put the watch on time of day and just ran easy for 13 k, 6.5k out to the mirador and back, the first half felt pretty relaxed and was feeling better as the run went by, decided to push split button in the halfway to compared halves at the end!!, on the way back the pace was faster, was the same effort though, at 10k I stopped around 30 seconds to buy some water, I was getting thirsty,finished 13k feeling very good and hidratated! weather was a bit hot in the second half! finished the 13k in 1:14:14, if wer substract the 30 seconds I spent buying the water was more like 1:13:44, oh well!! halves were in 38:07 and 36:06( minus 30 seconds- around 35:36), so not bad at all!! Happy Sunday!! Runs this week: 6 runs Kilometraje: 57 kms, I am getting consistent once again and ramping up mileage, way to go!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Cesar! So nice to hear that you are loving the running. Here's to another year of great runs!!