viernes, 11 de mayo de 2012

Low energy levels + a lot of heat= bad run

This morning around 9:50 a.m. I decided to go for my run of 8.5k, but sometimes when I get my breakfast( always chocolate milk only) within 20 mins of the run the energy levels get very very low, and I hardly can run today that made me cut the run short and run 5.5k only, so instead of 6 laps in the conservatory, only did 3, I am very dissapointed, the heat was very bad also, I think that I need to become a predawn runner again, the heat is unstandable. In the early morning you have a nice breeze and you are full of energy, oh well!! tomorrow and the day after I ll run 10+ kms to punish myself, and to add miles, it will be easy though!! 32:49 for the 5.5k. Thought that I was going a lot faster, it seems that the low energy and the heat caught me up!! Happy Friday!

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