martes, 22 de mayo de 2012

Nice late morning run to start the week

Yesterday was off, was a bit tired and the hips were bothering a bit. Today I was pretty much recovered and start the week with 8.52k to the conservatory, 6 laps there and put the watch on time of day. Legs felt very strong today and I had to hold back at times in order to not speed up, the effort was easy. To be honest at the end felt a bit tired and the heat was strong, all in all felt very fresh and good!! These base miles are keeping me fresh and are giving me confidence, I think this is the best method( Caleb's approach) cause you can increase miles without hurting yourself and then you have the capabilities to do really quality workouts and be real ready for your goal race, intead of doing workouts all the time that eventually will burn you out mentally and phisically. I think that my goal race will be on Octuber or November, so all these months are going to be base miles with a fartlek and a progression run here and there( Caleb Masland advice),then the last 2 months before the race fine tune with speedy stuff!! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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