jueves, 24 de mayo de 2012

Progressive run to the conservatory

This morning could not run pretty early but at 10:45 a.m I was out the door. Today I wanted to do a progressive run, first half easy and the second half moderate effort, took splits. Got to the conservatory in 7:24, then did 6 laps there in 5:52,5:46,5:42, here start the progressive part, 5:20,5:12,5:09, then got back home in 5:51(1.2k), exceeded myself in the last 6 mins, but I wanted to go sub 47 mins, oh well! racing the watch, immature practice:D, it was farily hot so I cant complain too much by the effort put in, got the legs a bit loose!! total time for 8.5 was 46:52, 2+ mins faster than regular and those 2 mins were saved in the last half! Happy Thursday! Halves were in 25:03 and 21:49.

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