miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2015

Back to the mirador

Yesterday I took the day off, because of a birthday of a female friend of mine, and I ate like a pig, decided to call it a day and no more rest days this week.

Today I talked with my friend Juan and We agreed to run together in the mirador at 5:40 p.m. I got out of my house at 4:50 p.m. walked 2 kms, then waited for my father (He was going to the mirador as well), I did 3k on my own, then waited for Juan to arrive, but He never did, so at 6:10 p.m. ( I asked the time because I did not have a watch today), then did 5k again on my own and that felt pretty good and like a breeze.

So total I did 8k and walked 5k, not a bad calorie burner. On both starts( the first 3k, and then the later 5k) I experienced a strong pain in my left shin, is not like the usual pain, it was different, its not easy to explain, but luckily that went away after 5 mins or so on both occasions, the fact tha I ran on grass helped a ton too.

I think that I have to run more frecuent in the mirador because I can run on grass and that would be beneficial for my shins.

Another thing that I have thought is that in the conservatory you cant make a lot of progress, yeah its a challenging route because of the hills, but man its only  a 1k lap, if you want to get in a decent mileage in, you have to run 1000 laps around the park, when I run 5 laps I feel mentally that I have had enough, but only log 6-8k. Today I got in 8k and it felt like a breeze!!

This is a sport that you have to get in a decent amount of mileage if you want to see progress, the conservatory is not ideal for that. Maybe I need to start going to the mirador more often and run longer, thus burn more calories, thus get leaner.

8k watchless!!

Have a great day!

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