sábado, 5 de septiembre de 2015

Morning run

After the afternoon and night in the pool and then to a concert, it was a fun Friday, so when I woke up at 7:00 a.m. to ru today I was a bit tired, but headed out anyways.

I went out to the conservatory with my father, I got there in 7:47, too slow but what can you do, the heat was very high, and although I was tired , both shins felt good, maybe the massage that I gave to them in the pool worked out.

I did 5 laps there and when I had 1 lap a fellow runner that I had run with him in the past joined me, it was good, because that makes the miles go by  with the conversation. I was confortable running with him, but that heat makes you unconfortable at any pace no matter how easy it is. Laps were 6:17,6:10,6:17,6:15 and pushed the hammer down in the last one, When my friend stopped, I did 5:26 in the last one, I pushed harder than that, but I am out of shape and as I have said 1000 times the heat was at its highest. Ran a bit more to complete around 40 mins for 6.5k.

I need to increase that mileage if I want to improve, but the day after all that eating and time on your feet, is not that day.

No more complaints!!

Have a great Saturday!

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