lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2015

Back where it all started

Today I told my friend Juan that I was going to run with him in the Mirador, the place where I started running. I had around 5 years that I did not train there in the evening, I would race there in the evening, but did not train there for the last 5 years.

I went there walking, and did 2k by myself in 12:01 feeling good, but the first 400s of the run I felt like a 1000 pounds bear, then loosened up. Then stopped to stretch a bit and to wait my friend. After around 3-5 mins He was there and We started running right away.

We started at a good clip and the first km was in 5:52, after the km I built a gap and decided to go ahead, second km was 5:43, feeling good, 3rd in 5:44 or so, Just before that Edison joined me and We ran together for next mile or so, We were chatting and talking about his strategy in the next marathon. Last 600m I decided to push a bit, in the last 200s I had a guy right in my heels, I kind of got upset because He was sitting behind me, but then I suddenly sprint  and did the last 200s in 47 seconds, very slow compared with the effort that I put there. I finished the 5k in 28:05 huffing and puffing given the last km push. Last km was in 5:12.

Honestly, I am in very bad shape, that time in 5k was my very easy jog in the past, today it was like a steady state run, no surprise since in my last race I just did 25:10, so less than 3 mins slower could not be that easy.

The mirador is pancake flat as opposed to the conservatory, so I obviously ran faster than in the conservatory.

7k total, and it felt good to be back in the mirador in evening to train. A lot of people there walking and running, much more than in the conservatory. But after the run I had to walk 3 more kms to get home, so it was 7k running and 5k walking, that should help to lose weight.

I might go to the mirador more regularly, since its flat and I can run on grass, something that both of my shins would appreciate.

My friend Juan had to stop due to leg problems, but He finished in 34:30 or so.

Have a great Monday and run hard this week!

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