miércoles, 30 de septiembre de 2015

Fast finish easy run

Yesterday I took the day off. I had been running for 6 days so it was time for a rest day.

Today at 6:20 p.m.  I went out to the conservatory and did 5 laps in the conservatory and some more to complete the 6.5k.

Splits per lap were :6:14,6:10,6:02,5:59,5:10. In the last lap I pushed the pace sometimes and I thought that sub 5 was a given, I had a surprise when I saw the time well above 5 mins. To be honest I am not race ready and I am not sure if I ll race on Saturday, the effort was just too high for that mediocre time. But I have not ruled out the possibility just yet.

Total time was 39:10 or so for around 6.5k.

I have not drinked soda for the past 2 days and I have been feeling good, but have dry mouth no matter how much water do I drink, I suspect that it is because my mouth is so used to that candy taste, that will have to finish because despite training 4-6 times per week on average, I have not lose a single pound and I know that the 700-1000 calories of soda per day has to do with that.

Lets see if I can pull that off for significant time to see a significant result in my weight, my overweight has caused to feel an easy pace from the past, feels like a mile race pace right now.

Anyways, I am greatful because I can run and can brave the elements on a regular basis, not a lot of people are so lucky, so We must be thankful for that!!

Thats all I got!

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