martes, 29 de septiembre de 2015

Yesterday´s Progressive easy run with fast finish

This run was from yesterday but I could not post.

So at 6:15 p.m. I went out with Jose, He was repairing me the computer so We started running together from home, We got to the conservatory in 7:40 and did 5 laps in 6:18,6:08,5:58,5:45,5:03. Although the pace was slow at the beginning I felt heavy and sluggish and never got into a groove, even my breathing was hard with that pace, but got progressively faster nonetheless even without wanting it.

Jose pushing the pace slightly at times did not help to my cause either. In the last lap I tried to run it entirely hard, but the legs were not feeling it, Jose sped up and built a gap, but pretty much did a medium stride to catch him, I did not want to be left in the dust once again, I sat in behing him, but could not make the pass, I just could not find another geat, till the final downhill where I passed him in the last moment( where I push the split button)after that point, I just jogged and passed me again, I just completed the 38:30 and what I think was 6.5k.

I am happy with that last lap, dont remember where I did a lap as fast as that, I need to do more of those, because in my last 5k race I averaged a pace faster than that, and no wat that I could maintain that pace for 5 straight laps right now, but I am not rested, in fact, I probably take the day off today, because I have not rested since last Tuesday.

I think another reason that I am feeling not at the top of my game during runs is because the heat, We are in October, but the heat is very strong and asfixiating!

I need to do something fast this week to build " confidence" before Saturday´s 5k that I want to do. Last lap yesterday was fast, but is not a confidence builder by any means.!!

Have a great week!

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