jueves, 24 de septiembre de 2015

Night running with my brother

It was not started at night, but when We started at 6:45 p.m. it was dark already, so We headed out to the conservatory at a good clip, I did not have a watch, but He took my watch ( without the belt) and put it in his pocket.

I was running easy, but I could feel the legs were moving and shortly after entering the conservatory I put a big surge and built a gap, but after a lap (1k) He was ahead already and built a gap and I just sat behind. Again, for me today that pace felt hard, eventhough was my normal everyday pace( according to the final time).

We did 5 laps and after the 2nd lap He had a gap on my of about 10m that I could only bridge in the last lap where I put a big surge to pass him, and the gap kept increasing,  in a way that when I get out the conservatory I looked back but did not see him, with about 500m to go looked back again, but did not see him, but after finishing the run, I walked back some and there He was.

We did 7.5k , I did it in 44:11 and He did it in 45:05. So I built that gap in the last 2k or so.

That pace felt much harder than it was, maybe it was all the coke that I drank today, or I dont know, I am used to running alone, when I run with someone, even if running easy, I feel unconfortable, that happens to me in races too, no surprise that I run faster in practice than in races. Its difficult to accomodate to other´s rythm. But you have to get used to it, since you race with people not alone.

Don´t get me wrong, its good to race people, but I am talking in terms or rythm/ finishing time.

My brother is hardly training and yet He can keep my pace easily, I need to get better if I want to make a difference.


Have a great night!

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