viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

Watchless easy run + strides

Today I headed out watchless to the conservatory and ran 5 laps there at an easy pace, feeling better and better as the run went by, and in the last lap there incorporated 4 x 20-25 seconds or so, since I did not have a watch  I cant tell for sure.

In the strides felt really good and smooth, but between the strides the heavy breathing continues, but not as noisy as first time. Feeling like an athlete again during those srides, those really help you to run  with great form while running fast.

After that, ran easy to home so that I could complete the 7.5k total. I did not stayed there talking with friends because I am going out with my family today, finished the run feeling pretty good after those strides.

After the run inside my house I was sweating like a pig, spent more than 30 mins to get into the shower, it seems that the heat was strong and I did not notice that way, or the strides really bump up the metabolism and was experiencing the " after burn " effect or those fast short bursts!! Either way, its a win win!

7.5k watchless + 4 x 20 secs strides.

Have a great Friday everyone!

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