jueves, 14 de julio de 2016

Easy run with 6 strides

Yesterday was a day off. Today I went out running at 7:15 p.m. or so without  a watch because my brother took it to his run, yeah! I wanted to do a fast lap or 2, but wanted to track it so played by feel. When I went out I felt like crap for the first 20 mins, was feeling full, but after those 20 mins I started to feel better and better up to the point of in the last lap + my usual 90 seconds, did 6 strides, totaling around 7.8k.

I felt really good on the strides, very relaxed, smooth and fast. Would love to feel like that on intervals, but what can you do!!

Felt awesome at the end, and its amazing how a run can start awful and improve to greatness by the end.

Tomorrow is going to be another day off, before running a tempo on the weekend and maybe  a longer run. I want to lose more weight, because I am eating a lot of junk lately, and see my belly getting a bit bigger, so dont want to lose all the progress that I have made.

7.8k without a watch, feeling great at the end. Weather was hot!

Have a great Thursday and Friday!

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