jueves, 7 de julio de 2016

Easy run with fast finish after long day at work

Today it was intense at work, so I leave at 6:40 p.m. , so that means no time to relax between work and my run, I find it a good thing,no time to consider the run or not. So as soon as I got home at 7:15 p.m. I got dressed and headed out.

The plan today was to run easy, but I felt so good, that I needed to do at least 1k fast and thats what I did, the last km at interval pace, huffing and puffing , but without losing my form.

Got there in 8:06, then 6 laps in 6:11,6:04,6:09,6:12,6:11,4:32. The pace reflected how fresh I felt, I always start around 15 seconds slower per lap, I have to admit that another runner had a gap on me of 10m and I sped up to match him so that I did not run alone, then basically waited for him for 2 laps before I never see him again, He stopped or something. I was holding back because on Saturdays I do my tempo runs, and I only have 1.5 days till Saturday.

But in the other hand, I thought that I felt so good and I rested yesterday and probably will rest tomorrow so what the heck, with 1 lap to go I really increased the pace and after that lap I continued at that pace/effort for 100m more , before slowing down to a jog to finish the 7.5k in 45:20, of course I always say 7.5k, but I think its a bit more, but who cares.

7.5k in the books, feeling very good although very stressful day at work, and probably the sressful days will continue, but as I have said before, that does not have to do with your running, you might have a very heavy day at work, but your run might be the opposite. The opposite scenario is also true, ha.

Have a great Thursday!

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