sábado, 16 de julio de 2016

Morning hot run with good company

Today I was not sure if I was going to run in the morning or if I would procrastinate till the afternoon, I had something to do in the evening, so that afternoon could get complicated. So I grew a pair and headed out at 8:20 a.m. to the conservatory with the sun shining hard.

Within the first 5 mins I was sweating already I knew that its going to be a long day, I never looked at the watch, I considered to do a tempo run, but the way I was feeling in the first couple of laps and how hard the heat was, I skipped that, and opted to do the run completely easy.

when I had 2 laps and something I saw a woman and I wanted to catch her to run with somebody for a bit, its hard to run alone in that heat, it took me more than 1 lap to catch her, when I was approaching I recognized the woman, its a very athletic woman that I have seen for more than a year in the park running, and She runs at a good pace, so that would be a good fit. I had run with her in the past, but only for a short period and She did not even remember me, I even knew her name.

Anyway, When I caught her I went ahead just a bit, but waited for her and then She ran nex to me, until She took off her earphones and asked, How many laps do you do? and I responded and We started talking briefly, I did not talk much because I realized She was struggling sometimes. I was only doing 5 laps, but I had something to do, and it was to help her finish her run, She was in her 1st lap or so when We met, so that was a good opportunity to add more mileage myself and to help her/motivate her to complete her run.

I dont coach anymore for lack of time decided to quit, but I am good at motivating others at running.

Ok! Back to the run! I worried when She had  a bit more than a lap to go and She was huffing and puffing and sometimes decreased the pace just too much, I just tried to encourage her the best that I could, but I did not over do it.

Luckily in the last lap She kind of recovered and even finished with a sprint, She has a very good  sprint ability, and it was very fun to run with her, I hope that We can meet again in the future, not easy to run alone in those conditions, and its always good to meet new people through running, I have met amazing people through this lovely sport!

After the sprint I just shook her hand and told her " good job" She said " thanks you too", I never told my name,  then I just turned and completed my 7th lap and headed home to complete 9.5k in 59:23.

Splits were: 7:47 to get to the park, then 7 laps in 6:23,6:17,6:05,6:17,6:02,6:34,6:07, then back home in 7:23 for a total of 59:23 for 9.5k.

As you can see, the splits were over the play, but that is the style of the gal, She would speed up and then 300s later She would decrease pace.

It was a good run all around, and that is why I love running, you could motivate each other, even strangers, when you are there clicking the miles, they are no longer strangers, they are part of your team, that is the beauty of running!

Of course, the tiredness went away, but my focus changed from being the tired to being the motivator, helper!

Have a great Saturday!

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