lunes, 18 de julio de 2016

Trying something new: Late night run

Today I tried a couple of new things, not because I wanted to, but sometimes you got to do what you can with the time given, so lets get start!

A friend called me when I was leaving work that He was close to my house and He would come visit me, I did not want to miss the run, so in the back of my mind I said to myself that I would run today no matter what, yea sounds obsessive, but I fee/felt very motivated with my running these days and I am enjoying it very much.

Another thing that I tried  was when I got here with my friend We both ate dinner , I ate a couple of chesse sandwiches, I never eat before my runs or at least that close to it, I ate those sandwiches 1 hour before I started running.

Sometimes you have to take risks to test some other methods, but in my book, those pre workouts before running does not apply too much, my stomach cant sit food very well so close to my running time, maybe for weightlifting is different because is not that continious as running.

I started running at 9:02 p.m. today, the latest I have gone out running in my almost 14 years of running, felt weird at the beginning, but then felt natural and the park was very peaceful.

Soon into the run I could feel those sandwiches in my stomach and I experienced a side stitch for a short amount of time, then I felt good, but then again experienced disconfort in my stomach, of course I was very hungry when I got home, I would not have waited till 10 p.m. to eat dinner, at 8 p.m I was ready to eat dinner and that is what I did.The best part of the run was the last lap in the conservatory where I could finally got into a groove and felt really good, the same on my way home, before that, it was just a caracter builder, from lap 2-4 I felt like crap, felt low in energy, but then as I said , things started to improve nicely, the good thing is that I never gave up and continued to do my planned run.

The run consisted in 5 laps to the conservatory and back to total 7.5k of running. Never looked at the watch and just kept the effort easy. Ran 1 lap with a friend of my friend Jose, We chatted a bit, but He only lasted one lap and I was all alone once again.

Splits were 7:54 to the to the conservatory, 5 laps in 6:29,6:33,6:31,6:26,6:21 and 7:03 to get home. As I said I felt really good at the end, maybe that was the time when I made the digestion, lol

7.5k in 47:54, Happy to have gotten my run in, no matter at what time!

It was nice to run at that time, it would be good to do a workout in the park at that time, not too much people, not people to dodge or dogs to dodge, you can get into a great groove during hard workouts at that time, of course, the sooner you get the run during the day the better. However, We dont always succeed at that, and We got to find an alternative, as long as you are running, time of day does not matter much, training put in is what really matters.

Have a great night!

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