jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

Watchless tempo run

Yesterday I took the day off.

Today left work early at last, I left at 5:48 p.m. , I was generally leaving 1 hour or more later, those days are not gone, I was lucky today.

I was running before 7 p.m. and did not run with a watch because my brother took it to his run. As I have been running easy the whole week (outside the strides that I did on Tuesday), I decided to run faster today and do some kind of tempo progression running enterely by effort. I asked my friend Jose who did the " my home to the conservatory" segment with me, to take the time and the laps.

So as soon as We entered the park, I started to accelerate and in the second lap or so I was at tempo effort already, I decided to do 5 laps at that effor, the last 2 were a struggle but the pace was managable. the 6th lap was easy, I wanted to do a couple of strides there, but I was tired and decided to do that as a cool down. Afer the 6th lap did almost 2 mins. Total time was 43:29, but my friend stopped the watch way later than I usually stop it, so take to that time around 30 seconds.

Anyway, that does not matter in the grand scheme of things, because what matters is effort and the effort was spot on today. It seems that my body just dial into that pace very quickly.

Splits according to the cellphone of my friend were 10:58 for the first 2 laps, He must have missed me in the first lap, 5:13,5:15,5:16,6:28 + 1:47 to complete the 43:29.

I felt free running watchless, such as I feel in races. Need to do more of those watchless running, but wait a minute! I am doing my tempo runs without looking at it during the run, so its the same, maybe!but you get a sense of freedom when in each passing lap you dont have to press a button:)

Have a great Thursday!

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