martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Night easy running + 5 strides

Today I did my run earlier than yesterday, ok, not that early! at 7:52 p.m. I got out off my house to the conservatory feeling tired from work today and that reflected a lot after my run, was thirsty and exhausted, not because of the running, but because of the day in general.

I never looked at the watch and did 6 laps and 90 secs to finish the run there in 46:58. The plan today was to run easy and I was thinking of skipping the strides since rained hard today and the road was a bit wet, but I decided to do them in the last lap and to vary a bit the location where I start the second strider.

Splits were 8:02 to get to the park,6:22,6:19,6:18,6:14,6:16,5:36. The last lap was that fast because the strides that I did. I felt good on the srides, but felt sluggish and slow, again, I felt tired even before the run. I am happy I just got it done! Weather was very humid and total time was 46:58 for 7.5k or so.

Tomorrow is a rest day for me, ha! as if leaving work at 7 p.m. is rest, ha, well at least from running I rest!

Have a great Tuesday!

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