sábado, 23 de julio de 2016

Morning easy run

Today I went out running at 8:20 a.m. as last Saturday, I wanted to run with company like the past Saturday, but I had to run alone this time around, ha, I always run alone so not too much of a problem.

I went out to the conservatory and ran easy. The sun was shining hard and the heat and humidity strong, the effort felt really easy, but I was generally tired, I think that is because I have been stressed with work lately.

Never looked at the watch, ran 5 laps to the conservatory and back home for a total of 7.5k. Splits looked like this: 7:56 to get to the conservatory, then 5 laps in 6:20,6:14,6:12,6:15,6:11, then 7:09 to finish up the 7.5k run in 46:53.

I thought that I was going slower to be honest, but it seems that fast pace on Thursday helped to get the turnover a bit faster. As I post this I realize that I did not feel any soreness from that progressive run, I mus have been improving.

Have a great Saturday night!

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