lunes, 11 de julio de 2016

Evening Easy run

Today after work, at 7:10 p.m. I went out to the conservatory at an easy pace and did 7 laps there. The plan was to run my normal 6 + 90 secs, but when I was about to finish a friend of mine caught me and I decided to do one more lap. I was soaked to the bone at the end, the humidity and heat was awful, wow! That did not impact my pace I guess!

I finished the 8.5k in 53:10 or so, laps were 6:25 the slowest ( the 1st one) and the last one was 5:55( the fastest), the others were 6:09-6:14 range. I felt good, but a bit tired at times, and the weather was I said was awful, but felt strong overall.

It was good to run more than normal, even if it was just 1k , but  if I want to improve performance I got to start running longer, this is an aerobic sport after all, but in the conservatory is not that easy to increase distance!

Have a great start to the week!

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