domingo, 3 de julio de 2016

Why I deleted my message apps

A lot of people look at me in a weird manner when I say to them that I dont have a whatsapp account, everybody have that applicacion these days and abnormal are people that dont have that app.

I had whatsapp, but when I changed my cellphone in May or so of 2015, I did not download it and have not had whatsapp since then, and I have survived. I told people that if they wanted to comunicate they could put a SMS or call me. I have not had a facebook account either for more than a year.

This year, on February, a friend of mine took my phone and istalled whatsapp and hangouts, I deleted whatsapp, but keep the hang out installed and found that application interesting, as no everybody has that application, I could keep some privacy there.

Then, on March or April I gave the telegram a try( also a great app), its much faster than whatsapp, and you can send videos and messages voices, it was way cheaper than SMS, and more practical of course.

But something strange happened and today , this morning to be exact I made sure to eliminate the google hang outs and the telegram for good, those apps can be very useful if used correctly. I certainly was not using them that correctly and I was losing more than I was earning from them.

I am not saying that technology is bad, but the use that WE give to it is often wrong, heck when I was whatsapp free and did not have any message app, I looked at couples, families, friends, random people together but at 1000 miles apart because they were together but so focused on that little screen, that made me sick.

I was against that, but when I downloaded the telegram and hang outs, I was becoming that kind of person, I dont have internet on my cellphone, (so at work hours did not have access to it), I do have on my house and as soon as I came home, I started chatting and small talk on those apps, neglecting a lot of aspects of my life, luckily, the running was not one of them.

But heck, in the last few weeks I was realizing that the cellphone was controlling me and I was losing precious time because on weekends I spended a lot on those applications, neglecting other projects or hobbies, for example, I bought a book for weight lifting, I have not finished the damn book, other people would say that its a lack of time, I would say is my own responsability because I opted to waste my time instead of taking advantage of it. Would I have use the time to my advantage I would have finished that 300+ pages book a long time ago, I only have read 100 pages.

Another reason is that I was getting paranoic, such as a lot of whatsapp users, when you chat with a person you care, and that person, see your message but that person wont respond to you, you get paranoic, you say " hey, u see the message, but I have not gotten a reply", maybe that person is busy, did not actually saw the message or ignored you, but you upfront assume that that person ignored your message and you lose precious time thinking about that shit.

Another reason, you think you are connecting with people, but you actually arent, of course you can shoot a sexual message( for flirt purposes to your partner, etc) here and there and its good, but for the most part text messages is not really connecting in my book.

You see a lot of people chatting the whole day and are very social virtually, but when you see them interacting in a real world, those people are actually boring and get bored without technollogy, you look that they get impatient, when they are sitting there doing nothing. I got sick of it, and I was being an hypocrit living like those I often critize.

Therefore, I decided to eliminate those apps, I already feel free and dont want an app to control me, that mysterious feeling is gone, with that technology you can know where is everyone at every moment, is that healthy in a relationship? maybe it is, but in my book it is not and you have to live by your own truth and principles.

I felt much more free when I did not have those apps, I did not get paranoic thinking about if x person received, ignored, read my message or not, when you dont have those apps around you cant really get worried about that, and thinking that shit, I assumed I needed to get a life and start investing my time in better things and more productive things.

Maybe I ll get judged because of that,but I dont care, you have to live your truth and dont alwaws follow the pack. When real values, real relationships were built in the past, none of those apps were up, so its certainly possible to create unforgetabble experiences without them.

Again, a lot of those apps have a lot of advantages, but I dont give a good use and on a personal note it cause me more harm than good, for that reason, whatsapp, telegram, hangouts, facebook, you are out for good!

I did not intend to post this, but decided to since its a problem is affecting society believe or not! see you in my next run post!

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