domingo, 10 de julio de 2016

Mini tempo run to finish up the week

Today I headed running at 6:10 p.m., the plan was to do another 3k tempo run, but I have to increase those to 5k once again, enough for 3k.

I headed out to the conservatory easy , then did 1 more easy lap to complete my warm up, then did 3k at tempo effort, which I think it was harder than I should have, then did 1 more easy lap, and headed back home to finish 7.5k in 44:28. Did 2 x 100s strides in the last 500m to loosen up the legs, since they were heavy and somewhat uncoordinated on the way home!

Splits were 8:08 to get to the conservatory, 1 easy lap in 6:39, then 3laps at tempo effort in 5:05,5:08,4:58, then 1 easy lap to cool down in 6:48, back home in 7:04. I felt good, but was huffing and puffing more than necessary, and I can see why, the pace was faster than I normally do in this terrain, I think I should run longer instead of faster, but I am not looking at the watch during the run, so it was purely by effort, I need to go out slower and do the tempo longer. Anyway, I am happy because without forcing the pace, I am running faster, eventhough my easy pace is so slow sometimes, it does not seem to hinder my faster paces.

Good workout in, a bit tired at the end, but feeling strong. 5 runs this week, and feeling really good despite the workload at work and the stress that I am getting from it, its not affecting my running though!

Have a great Sunday!

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