sábado, 9 de julio de 2016

Very easy run

Today I headed out to run later than planned, I went out running at 7:10 p.m. or so, a bit later for a Saturday, but I knew that there ( in the conservatory) were going to be people and a lot of kids, thats how it played out.

I went out easy and was feeling a bit full in the stomach for the first 20 mins, after that I felt pretty good, but kept the pace very easy though. I want to do some tempo tomorrow. However, at the end of the run when I looked at my watch, I was surprised with the time, I honestly thought that I was going faster, but hey, effort is what really matters and I felt really good and easy.

7.5k total in 48:29, with 5 laps in the park from 6:34 the slowest lap to 6:25 the fastest, nothing to be surprised about. Weather was a bit hot, but managable.

Happy to have run and very greatful!

Have a great Saturday!

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