sábado, 7 de enero de 2012

5k morning Tempo run

Today I had planned to do a tempo run with my brother, We woke up early , at 6:30 a.m. and went out at 7:00 a.m., I warmed up to the mirador 3k, stretched a bit and We were off, the plan was to do 23:30-23:45 for 5k, the first 200m were a bit fast in 52 seconds, then I adjusted the first 500m in 2:18, the first km in 4:40, I was feeling good and strong with my bro, the first mile came in 7:33, the 2k came in 9:23 (4:43), the half way came in 11:43, feeling quite strong and with a lot of room to speed up but this is a tempo run and should be controlled, 3rd km came in 14:04(4:41), the 4st came in 18:42(4:38) and the last one I felt strong but a bit tired, could speed up a lot more anyway, the 5k came in 23:15 (4:32), the last km was the fastest and I felt the same as the others, I exceeded my expectations and felt better than I thought, anyway that time is quite slow, competition is too tight so I need to train harder and try to improve on that effort. The weather was quite nice, did around 2k cool down, so 10k total for the day. The last time that I did 10k of total running was on May 8th , gatorade 10k so I am not that bad, soon that will be my regular run. I am going to spend several weeks doing a weekly tempo run and I will see where it takes me! Happy saturday!

10k total, around 56 mins.

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