sábado, 14 de enero de 2012

Tempo run

This morning as I mentioned yesterday, I was going to do my 5k tempo run in a 10 mile time trial organized by the miami half marathon and marathon´s crew, I woke up at 5:20 a.m. and was out for a warm up with Danilo at 5:45 a.m. then stopped a bit and chatted with the guys till my tempo( and the timetrial start), also I was helping danilo with the pace for this time trial, the tempo started the pace felt easy, but I am not feeling in the top of my game since pas Sunday and felt really bad in the warm up, the frist km came in 4:43 a bit slow, then pushed a bit, but the second came in 4:48, too slow for my taste, then put a surged and danilo went with me in the 3rd km in 4:34, the following in 4:44, I was a bi tired at that point, then the last km came in 4:39, for 23:31 for the 5k, recorded 23:41 but we have to a bit more to compensate the 9 meters that compensate the mile ( the race was 10 miles , not 16 kms), the 10 miles has 90 extra meters, so I did around 45 extra meters, then after I finished the tempo ran my cool down which finished in the finish line or first half( it was 2 times the same route), finished the 8k including the cooldown in 40:26, the cooldown felt really slow and for that 3k I did 16:48. Then waited for my brother and for the other guys to complete the 10 miles, nice tempo run, did not feel as good as the last time, but given the tiredness that my legs are experimenting in the last few days was good, I want to get used to that pace and sustain for much longer period of times, that is the purpose of tempo training, the weather was nice and I finished the run dark!! Good tempo, crazy splits, hope to feel better next time and will add a km, its time to get those PR back!!

11k total, around 59 mins.

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