miércoles, 25 de enero de 2012

Long intervals: 800s

This morning at 10:30 a.m. I went out to do my long intervals of this week, warmed up to the conservatory and suddenly wanted to hit the porta potty, continued running to see if the thing went away but it did not, so have to hit the porta potty of the conservatory, went out finish the warm up in 18:21, streched a bit, and did my planned long intervals for today, 5 x 800s with 2:45 recovery, wanted to do these in the mirador but slept in at predawn, the route of the repeat was out and back of the 400s that I did last week, the splits were 3:28,3:22,3:17,3:18,3:15 with 2:45 of recovery. The pace was kind of fast, because I wanted to do these in 5-10k race pace but could not help myself, after the 1st one the pace came automatically, but that was faster than my current 5k pace or at least the 5k that I ran on December because the pace today felt controlled and it only started hurting in the last repeat and the pace was still controlled, the problem is to maintain for 20+ minutes. Well, good workout, then did 11:30 to my house to cool down, did around 10 kms total. Very happy with the workout.

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