miércoles, 11 de enero de 2012

Long intervals this morning

This morning I slept in predawn, but did my long intervals at 10 a.m., wanted to do 3 x 1 mile in the mirador with 800m rest, but since in the conservatory is not exactly measured, I ran it by time, and took as reference point the laps = kilometers, warmed up to the conservatory 14 mins, then the workout started, I started with a fast pace and I thought that I was going faster than necessary but when I look at the watch at the km it read 4:42, too slow and I was tired and the breathing labored, then I decided to finish the repeat in 7:26, took 5 mins rest, then started at what I thought was the same pace as the first one, the lap came in 4 :21, too fast, finished the repeat in 7:15, I was doubting to do a 3rd repeat, but I forced myself to do it, however if i saw a slow split in the lap I would call it a day, the lap came in 4:34, and I stopped the watch in 7:20, so basically did 3 x 1 mile with 800m rest,I finished the workout very tired, and I should not cuz I did 5k continuous on saturday feeling a lot better and near that pace, those hills are not easy and my muscles around the calves were tired and sore, the breathing was labored very early in each repeat,all in all I finished the workout and hope that next time I do and feel better, 7 laps to the conservatory,total was 9.5k in 51:43, finished the workout with a super easy cool down. The weather was hot.

9.5k total, 51:43.

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