viernes, 13 de enero de 2012

Nice and easy morning

This morning I did my run at 10:40 a.m., did 8.5k easy to the conservatory without a watch, nice and easy, the legs are still sore from Sunday dont know the exact reason, in the last lap( did 6 laps to the conservatory), did 4 strides, the legs lossened up after these, felt good at the end, in the middle did not feel as good. The weather was hot. During the run I considered to do my tempo run tomorrow in a 10 mile time trial that are going to do the Miami marathon and half marathon's crew, so it would be nice to do my tempo run with company( a group of runners), going to do 3k w/u, 5-6k tempo run and 3k cool down, the tempo and the cool down are going to be in the time trial, the w/u is going to be before.
8.5k total without a watch with 4 strides.

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