miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2015

Catching up

Had not have the opportunity to post because of a problem in the internet connection, but here I am.

On Saturday night at 8:05 p.m., I ran with a friend the Flash Night run to help her in her first 5k race, I was very surprised and happy or her, it was a success in my book. I thought that We were going to run 32-34 mins or so, but We did 30:30 and were on sub 30 min pace in the first 3k, but then She hit the wall, She ran great nonetheless.

My friend Juan called 1 hour before the race to confirm if I was going to the race, I told him yes, and since He had not gone to the gym that day, He decided to run with us.

In the first 400s She went out too fast and as soon as I catched her ( We did not go out together, because the race staff did not allow me to enter the corral without a bib so I had to wait in the sidelines, watching 1000s  people and trying to spot her, oh well!!) I told her to slow down that We were going too fast (25 min 5k), We passed the 1st km in 5:48, and they were running pretty well, I always asked them if they were good and if they could sustain the pace, I threw some words of encouragement as well.

The second km was in 6:12 (12:00 for 2k), after that I tried speed up a bit, I really wanted that sub 30 mins, We hit the 3k mark in 17:57, I tried to keep the pressure so that They could run sub 30 mins, after that Juan found another gear and put the hammer down and did not look back, I stayed behind with my friend, with about 800s to go She stopped for a walk, but I told her to jog very easy, but not stop, I really did a great job in that regard, in the last 400s She stopped again, but I did the same thing, and She finished strong.

She finished the 5k in 30:30 which is a great time for her in her first 5k, I suspect She can run faster, because She told me she was not sore the day after the race.

On Sunday I took the day off.

Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. I went to the conservatory and ran pretty slowly because I was very tight, did not why, but I could not move, 7.5k in 47:23 (5 laps in the conservatory in 6:41,6:30,6:23,6:15,5:48), did 4 strides in the last lap, hence the fast lap. Felt much better at the end.

Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. did the same thing, but this time without a watch, but according to my body and effort it was much faster than yesterday, still in the easy range., so 7.5k total watchless.

I ll run tonight, and I want to do something a bit faster, since I ll rest tomorrow.

See you tonight!

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