martes, 15 de diciembre de 2015

Low motivation

This week in particular I have been facing low motivation to run, but luckily I force myself to get out the door.

That was the case today since at 6:30 p.m. I was unsure of running, but then sitting in the coach I told myself that I had to run whatever distance I could, but I needed to force myself out, I wont lose weight skipping runs, so I decided to go out.

I went out with my brother at 7:00 p.m. to the 400s dirt track in the baseball stadium, I wanted to do the same as yesterday( 8k or 20 laps), I felt like crap from the get go because I ate 6 slices of pizza at 2 something pm, and that was in my stomach at 7 p.m., I want to improve my diet and I will, but a friend came visiting and ordered a pizza, I have to eat that so that  she does not offend, but to be honest I wanted to eat pizza too :), but after reading a lot about nutrition and learing a thing or two, I know that I can improve in that departament, that was the biggest motivation today, I need to keep going forward and I ll accomplish my goals.

Ok! into the run! I did 15 laps or 6k, wanted to complete the 8k, but my stomach felt like s"$%t and I was feeling pretty heavy, but the splits were almost identical than yesterday splits per km for 6k were 6:30,6:11,6:05,6:02,5:53,5:52 for a total of 36:37 for 6k.

I wanted to go on, but as I said, was feeling  abit bad and was sick of doing laps and laps over there!!

No excuses, tomorrow I gotta do my 8k run plus some strides or maybe a mini workout, the important thing is to go out and run!!

Weather was hot!!

Have a great night!

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