miércoles, 16 de diciembre de 2015

Easy run with 8 strides

Today I ran with Juan at 7:00 p.m. in the baseball stadium once again, I did not know if I should do a workout, a workout today wont help at all for Saturday`s race, except with the confidence, but fitness wise it would not matter if I just ran easy or run fast.

I played it safe and did 20 laps there which is 8 kms, and in the last 2k incorporated 8 x 100s strides, I normally do 4 strides, but since I did not do a workout 8 was fine.

I felt really good today because I only drank 1 glass of coke with lunch and dont drink for the rest of the day, so I arrive to my run feeling light and smooth, so that translated to a faster time and feeling much better.

I took splits every 2k, I did not want to obsess with each 1k, I have enough with all those laps that I have to run to complete a 8k run.

2k splits were: 12:29,11:50 (24:20 halfway),11:40,11:13 (including 8 strides), for a total of 47:13 for 8k. Those strides really helped to bring the average pace down, those last 2k were fast compared to how easy the recovery jog was between strides.

Overall, I felt very good and fresh.

Tomorrow I ll rest, Friday an easy shake out and Saturday I ll race the Christmas 5k, which I plan to at least run faster than the 25:53 of last time.

Have a great Night!

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