martes, 22 de diciembre de 2015

Easy progressive run

Today at 6:45 p.m. my brother Dan, Alexis and I went to the baseball stadium to do a few miles (or too much laps!!). I did 20 laps without a watch, but Danilo had my watch and I would ask him the time once in a while, until He sped up and let me in the dust of course. The first 3k were in (6:24,6:11,6:02) 18:36 or so, then at 6k I asked the time and I had 35:51, Alexis was behind, but He did a heck of a job, because He was running with me in the 5k.

The last 2k I sped up a bit to run sub 47 mins, of course I did not push the pace until the last 400s, that my brother suggested to do sub 2 mins, so I gradually increased pace so with 100s to go I was hufffing and puffing. The last 2k were in 10:48 doing the math, I finished the 8k in 46:39, so mission accomplished.

The run was unconfortable today because the lights in the stadium were turned off, and the terrain is irregular in some areas, so that made a bit unconfortable the footing.

Overall felt good and felt very strong!!


Have a great Tuesday!

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