sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2015

Perspective... RIP Pablo

I generally dont write subjects outside of running, but I think what I am going to write deserves a post in itself.

Today I was running some errands and receive a call of a friend telling me if I know the news of what happened in the same bank I worked for, the same place, "Plaza hache". I told her that no, I did not even watch the news, then She told me that a security man had commited suicide, then I told her that I would call a friend from the bank to make sure about the news and to confirm what I already suspected.

Yeah, it was my friend Pablo, but how do I knew it, you might ask? He was a very kind man, and We teased each other a lot eventhough He was 63 years old, We were really good friends. We always told each other like it is while I was there, He considered me a great person and He was very sad the day We said good bye, when I stopped working for the bank. I considered him a great person too and We respected each other alot eventhough We treated each other like young guys.

I realized and could see through him, He was a very lonely guy, and sometimes He was serious as it something worried him, We all have problems, but I could see a big sadness in him eventhough He smiled a lot and a lot people loved him.

Little I knew that the las time We shook hands and hug each other was going to be the last time We see each other, I wanted to see him in another circunstances of life, but  was not the case.

Maybe I should have called him more often to say hello and to tease each other, I did not and I wont have that opportunity once again, but  I am sure that whereever He is, He has the same respect and admiration for me as I have it for him.

I ll always remember Pablo for his positive vibe and the respect that We had for each other that made our friendship there unbreakable forever.

My advice is to pay attention to the details and call friends when you have a lot without talking to them, if you see them sad, try to help them or offer a ear to listen!! Sometimes that will save a life, sometimes not.

RIP Pablo! You ll be missed!! Condolences to the family!

I ll run tonight in the name of him, I am not going to race, but will run every step dedicated to him!!

I sometimes complain a lot about life, but I ll be more greatful now, you dont know who is in a worse situation. Life is perspective!!

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