domingo, 2 de junio de 2013

Another morning recovery run

This morning slept in because I went to bed pretty late(12:50 a.m.) was up at 8 something and was out a 9 a.m. to do my run in, I went out to the conservatory again running pretty easy. I am pretty beat up from the Friday tempo, the quads are pretty sore just like a I just raced. When I started running I did not feel that bad and not that tired, but I still ran pretty easy, did 6 laps in 6:10,6:05,6:01,6:01,5:56, dont know the last one and got here in 50:59 for 8.5k, I ll need to ramp up the mileage of the long runs. All in all felt good and fine. The humidity was not that high as yesterday! Have a great Sunday BTW, ran 6 times this week which is a plus for me, also tomorrow I am gonna have 1 month soda free, which is a record for me.

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